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General Services Offered At Harker Chan

  • Composite Fillings in Southeast (SE) Calgary

    A composite (tooth coloured) filling may be used to repair a tooth that is affected by decay, cracks, fractures, etc. The decayed or affected portion of the tooth will be removed and filled with a composite filling. Visit Harker Chan & Associates in Southeast (SE) Calgary for your next dentist appointment! Repair Decayed or Damaged Teeth If your dentist determines you need a filling, ...
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  • Crowns & Bridges in Southeast (SE) Calgary

    Dental crowns and dental bridges are used by our Southeast (SE) Calgary dentists respectively, to help repair seriously damaged teeth, and to replace missing teeth. Both are restorations help preserve the structural integrity of your smile. Repair a Broken or Damaged Tooth Dental crowns and dental bridges are used by our Calgary dentists respectively, to help repair damaged teeth, and to ...
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  • Dentures in Southeast (SE) Calgary

    A denture is a removable dental appliance replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissue. At our Southeast (SE) Calgary dental office, we are a provider of both complete and partial dentures. Replacing Missing Teeth - More than a Cosmetic Issue If missing teeth are left unfilled, the gap that is left behind can cause the surrounding teeth to shift out of place, eventually causing is...
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  • Hygiene & Prevention in Southeast (SE) Calgary

    To help maintain a healthy smile, we recommend our Southeast (SE) Calgary patients maintain a consistent at home oral hygiene routine, that includes brushing and flossing twice daily, in combination with regular visits to your dentist for a professional cleaning and dental exam.  Protect Your Oral Health With preventive dental care our aim is to protect and maintain the health of your tee...
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  • Oral Cancer Screening in Southeast (SE) Calgary

    Oral cancer can easily be diagnosed with an annual oral cancer exam (screening) at our Southeast (SE) Calgary dental office, and can be effectively treated when caught in its earliest stages. Early Oral Cancer Exams are Important Oral cancer screening allows dentists to identify oral abnormalities like cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions, which are much more difficult to detect with the n...
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  • Root Canals in Southeast (SE) Calgary

    At our Southeast (SE) Calgary dental office, we may recommend root canal therapy when the nerve of a tooth is affected by decay or infection.  Relief from Tooth Root Pain A root canal is a safe and effective dental procedure during which your dentist removes damaged pulp from the interior of the tooth, easing your pain and preventing the need for a tooth extraction. [SITEWIDE][CARECRU-PR...
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