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Dental Services in Southeast (SE) Calgary

Whether you need a complete exam and cleaning, a full-mouth restoration, or anything in between, our Southeast (SE) Calgary dentists will provide you with exceptional care and a personalized treatment plan tailored to your oral health needs.

General Dentistry

General dentistry involves the preservation of the natural dentition and supporting structures by preventing the onset, progress, and recurrence of dental diseases and conditions. » Learn More

Cosmetic Services

Thanks to advances in modern cosmetic dentistry, we can improve your teeth and smiles with quick and surprisingly affordable treatments. » Learn More

Oral Surgery

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons are specialists with advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of various head and neck conditions and injuries. » Learn More

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea disrupts normal breathing during sleep. Fortunately, there are several dental devices that can alleviate this condition. » Learn More

TMJ Therapy

Tempro-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome (TMJ) is characterized by severe headaches, jaw pain, grinding teeth, and an intermittent ringing in the ears. » Learn More

Periodontal Services

The term “periodontics” refers to the dental specialty that pertains to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease that affects the gum tissue, teeth, and jawbone. » Learn More


Harker Chan is a proud provider of Invisalign to patients in Calgary. If you're looking to get a straighter smile, Invisalign might be right for you. » Learn More

Dental Services in Southeast Calgary

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