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Oral Cancer Screening in Southeast (SE) Calgary

Oral cancer can easily be diagnosed with an annual oral cancer exam (screening) at our Southeast (SE) Calgary dental office, and can be effectively treated when caught in its earliest stages.

Early Oral Cancer Exams are Important

Oral cancer screening allows dentists to identify oral abnormalities like cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions, which are much more difficult to detect with the naked eye.

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What is oral cancer?

Oral cancer, is a cancer that can affect any part of the mouth or surrounding tissues, including the lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, palate, sinuses, and throat. Typically, with oral cancer, symptoms are not immediately noticeable. The most common type of oral cancer is the malignant squamous cell carcinoma. This oral cancer type usually originates in lip and mouth tissues.

At Harker Chan & Associates, our dentists offer oral cancer examinations in order to help identify traces of oral cancer early. 

Reasons for Oral Cancer Examinations

If you notice any abnormalities in your tongue, gums or mouth, you should see a health professional. It is important to diagnose oral cancer as early as possible, to begin treatment. 

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