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How Do Invisalign Aligners Straighten Teeth?

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How Do Invisalign Aligners Straighten Teeth?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment option that is made up of a series of clear plastic aligners. These aligners straighten your teeth over a period of months. Here, our Calgary dentists provide details on how this orthodontic treatment option works.

Invisalign aligners are made of clear, thermoplastic material that has been developed specifically for Invisalign.

When your treatment begins, you will receive a series of these aligners, which will have been custom made to fit your teeth exactly at each point in the process.

Every other week during your treatment, you'll switch to a new set of aligners. Each set is carefully calibrated to straighten your teeth by a tiny increment.

How exactly do Invisalign aligners move teeth?

Each set of aligners in your series will be shaped differently from the last, and each aligner set will make slight adjustments to the positions of your teeth.

The aligners effect these tooth movements via the application of controlled pressure. Invisalign has also designed its aligners to control the timing by which this force is applied, so that only certain teeth move at each step of the process.

The whole process will be mapped out by your dentist at the outset of treatment to meet your specific needs.

How long does Invisalign take?

This depends largely on how severe your misalignment is. However, on average, the Invisalign treatment process is about 12 months for adults. Treatment duration tends to vary a lot more for teenagers. The only way to find out exactly how long your treatment will take is by getting assessed by a dentist.

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